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FFXI UI 0.13 [Dec. 2nd, 2007|02:29 pm]
I updated my UI to work with the November 28th patch. All language UI dats are updated.

I fixed a few missing status icons from 0.12 and created icons for what I think are the light and dark arts status icons. I just colour-swapped the haste icon to make white and black versions. It's not my best work but hopefully it at least works. Note all dats are mostly untested. Let me know if there are problems.

You can download the DATs from filefront.com, or savefile.com.

To install the files, make sure you are fully logged out of FFXI and PlayOnline, then simply unzip the zip file to your PlayOnline\SquareEnix\Final Fantasy XI directory. Read the included readme file for instructions on how to install any of the new window tiles.

Note that I have included versions of the icon dat file that use SE's utsusemi icon and the different utsusemi icon. The default status icon dat file uses a different icon for the copy image status effect. If you prefer to use SE's icon, rename ROM\119\57-SE-utsusemi.DAT to ROM\119\57.DAT for the NA client, ROM\0\12-SE-utsusemi.DAT to ROM\0\12.DAT for the JP client, ROM\176\107-SE-utsusemi.DAT to ROM\176\107.DAT for the German client, or ROM\178\46-SE-utsusemi.DAT to ROM\178\46.DAT for the French client.

If you use the JP or EU client and prefer English language descriptions for the status icons then copy ROM\119\57.DAT to ROM\0\12.DAT for the JP client, ROM\119\57.DAT to ROM\176\107.DAT for the German client, or ROM\119\57.DAT to ROM\178\46.DAT for the French client.

DO NOT INSTALL WHILE LOGGED INTO FFXI or POL or the game may crash or behave strangely.

Read the included readme file for instructions on installing the window tiles.

If you want to see what the UI looks like, see this older lj entry for a screenshot: FFXI UI 0.10 (September 23, 2006)

I also updated my zip file containing the original versions of these dats from the November 28th patch. If you accidentally delete the original dat files and you want to have them back, you can get them from Filefront here: ffxi-ui-original-nov28-2007.zip.

From: johyo
2008-02-08 02:48 am (UTC)

Thank You


Thank you so much for continuing to update these UI mods.

I have used them for a LONG TIME now.

Honestly with out them I may stop playing.

If you have a paypal and want to list it I would donate a few USD because I enjoy the UI so much.

Thanks again.

Johyo~ Odin
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