brandson (brandson) wrote,


I was thinking the other day why am I still playing FFXIV. I am at physical 40 and have a couple of jobs over r20 now and leveling them is still extremely lacking in fun and I hear it gets much worse over r30. So I figure once I get all my crafts and harvesting jobs to r20, I'd have nothing left to do and quit. Upon realizing that, I decided to save myself some trouble and stop playing now.

This and only this is what's needed to keep me playing:
(1) unlimited battlecraft, fieldcraft, and local leves with NO reset timer, instead of a 36 hours reset timer;
(2) permanent guardian's favour on all leves; and
(3) either 0 anima cost to cities and favoured destinations or chocobos for fast travel to leve camps.

Gil and item rewards from leves can be on a 36 hour cooldown. I don't care about those, but being able to efficiently level exclusively on leves is the only thing that could save this game.
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