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Holiday Cheer [Dec. 16th, 2010|07:37 pm]
Nothing to report on FFXIV, although I did vote for it in the Gamespot polls for some cheeky year end awards.

On an unrelated note, at work in the lobby of my building there has been a conservatively-dressed middle-aged woman playing a harp during the day all week long. She started out playing traditional Christmas music using a CD as accompaniment, and she's pretty good. Today when buying my lunch I noticed she had veered away from the ordinary festive music repertoire and was playing Aerosmith's "Dream On". On a harp. It was good, but very weird. Merry Christmas everyone.

[User Picture]From: syuevil
2010-12-17 06:23 am (UTC)

that is pretty random but something that would totally make my day. I bet it was awesome!
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From: (Anonymous)
2010-12-17 09:35 pm (UTC)
Eversince I received FF14 email mentionning about the Dev. changes, ps3 version and free to play.. forums went havoc and gaved me a terrible impression that there is simply no goal, nothing to hope for until quite a long time. It's simply a time-sinker with not much reward nor achivements (which Aion somewhat had and it was a terrible mmo but friends kept playing..).

December patch finally hit ff14, has it made some folks come back to the game/guild or it is dead for you now? Coming back when everyone is already max level seems decouraging.

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From: (Anonymous)
2011-04-11 07:24 pm (UTC)

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